Above: artist's impression of
Carter's Quay, Poole

Who we are

Inland Homes is an established land regeneration business, focused on developing sites in the South and South-East of England for residential and mixed-use projects. Our foundations have been built on a proactive and decisive approach to identifying the right land opportunities, and our ability to navigate the complex planning system and maximising the potential of the final development.

Our versatile structure, local insight and opportunistic approach gives us a competitive advantage, ensuring we can react fast to secure the sites we want at a price that provides healthy returns. Once secured, our knowledge of and relationships with local authorities, and the wealth of experience in our land and planning teams, means that we are able to secure a valuable planning consent for the sites we own and manage.

We have a clear and agile business model giving us the flexibility to realise value in the land bank through consented plot sales, private housebuilding, Partnership Housing deals with Registered Providers and Private Rented Sector operators or rental income from investment property. Our ambitious developments, combining style, comfort and sustainability for a wide social demographic, deliver appropriate rewards for our business, our shareholders and stakeholders, and the local community. Increasingly, we are utilising our own land bank to grow our housebuilding operations and this growth will continue to optimise our revenue profile.

Our highly experienced management and specialist development teams successfully identify and secure suitable land opportunities and thereafter maximise each project's potential. Our planning team, which has over 85 years combined experience, has a long track record of securing planning permissions across all our sites.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Ensuring sustainable operations and developments is of paramount importance, and our commitment to this helps to ensure that we can continue as a successful business.

Why invest in Inland Homes

  • Strong management team
  • Adding value throughout the planning process
  • Well-located land portfolio in the South and South-East of England
  • Unrealised value within the land bank
  • Capturing further value through private and partnership housebuilding activities