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Our key activities

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Land activities

Land activity is the foundation of our business model. Through identifying opportunities, selecting acquisitions, securing planning permission and purchasing strategic sites with future potential, Inland is able to expand its land portfolio

Adding value

  • Working with Local Authorities and communities to maximise the potential value of each site by securing a valuable planning permission.

Delivering for our stakeholders


  • Part or all of a site can be sold to developers; when selling part of a site to developers, they generally benefit from the relevant infrastructure which has already been installed by Inland Homes.
  • We generally ensure that potential barriers to development are resolved and that the planning permission is for the right housing mix and development size to maximise the potential value of the site.
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Housebuilding activities

In response to a changing marketplace, we have been creating its own construction capabilities. By investing in our own people, we can ensure longer term, higher value returns for our shareholders.

Adding value

  • Allows us to capture the development margin in addition to the land value uplift via planning.
  • Developing the sites with our own team provides us with additional control over quality, costs and delivery.

Delivering for our stakeholders


  • Part or all of the site can be developed by Inland Homes; we are proud of the developments we plan and design, and are always looking to create an environment that is attractive for future residents.
  • Delivering on our commitment to quality and comfort, developed sites feature open spaces, play areas and attractive landscaping to suit the needs of a variety of people.
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Construction activities

We sell some of our sites to Housing Associations and institutional landlords, with a construction contract for Inland Homes to build the units.

Adding value

  • The construction contract accelerates revenue and provides monthly cash flow which assists the Group's working capital and reduces our net borrowings.

Delivering for our stakeholders

Housing Associations and Private Rented Sector:

  • Delivering high quality, reliable and attractive developments.